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Razer’s Cage-Like Mouse Is a $280 Goth-Metal Jewel

Plus: Twitter squeezes more money out of its users, AI ain’t stopping anytime soon, and Samsung hypes new phones in an era of decreasing sales. more…

Can Sri Lanka trade its way back to prosperity?
BBC News

Ben Chu, Newsnight's economic editor, takes a closer look at the country's economic woes. more…

Chicago law firm Hinshaw opens Dallas outpost with Akerman hires - Reuters

Chicago-based Hinshaw & Culbertson said Wednesday that it has opened a new seven-attorney office in Dallas, hiring a group of financial services lawyers from Akerman. more…

Disney argues TV streamers' antitrust lawsuits over ESPN ... - Reuters

Lawyers for The Walt Disney Co on Tuesday asked a U.S. judge to dismiss a pair of consumer antitrust cases alleging the media and entertainment company's business contracts have artificially driven up the costs for rival video streaming services YouTube TV an… more…

Stop UK mobile and broadband firms ‘lining their pockets’, urge consumer experts
The Guardian

Companies facing backlash amid warning of mid-contract price rises of up to 17% during cost of living crisisBritain’s telecoms regulator is being urged to intervene over concerns that mobile and broadband operators are “lining their pockets” with £2.2bn of ab… more…

Apple posts first revenue drop in four years
The Guardian

Supply chain issues and slowing demand for the iPhone caused a rare slump for the tech giant as CEO Tim Cook took a pay cutApple shares slid more than 4% on Thursday after the company posted a disappointing first quarter earnings report, including rare misses… more…

Why did LNER sell me a ticket for a rail strike day and refuse a refund?
The Guardian

The train operator says it was running a skeleton service and therefore passengers could travelAt the weekend I bought an advance ticket on the LNER website for a trip on 1 February from King’s Cross to Retford which I did not realise at the time was a day wh… more…

‘We owe our landlord £1m in rent – but they’ve left us with substandard homes’
The Guardian

Homeless charity’s fight over rent arrears adds to property funds’ woes, including rising interest rates and sceptical investorsMatt Fearnley’s charity owes almost £1m in rent to its landlord – but that bill is likely to keep growing unless his long list of c… more…

Legendary VC Bill Gurley warns of a tougher era for tech investors, praises Jeff Bezos, and casts doubt on the metaverse in a new interview. Here are the 10 best quotes.
Business Insider

Startups could previously raise money easily and not worry about profits, but now they face higher interest rates and reduced liquidity, Gurley said. more…

COVID test kits, treatments and vaccines won't be free to many consumers much longer

Insurers, employers, taxpayers and other consumers will all be affected as drugmakers move these products to the commercial market in May. How much you'll pay depends on your health insurance. more…

The geeks on Wall Street are getting very hopeful about the economy. Are they wrong?

The markets have rallied this year as investors believe inflation will continue to ease and that the economy will avoid a recession – but it could end in tears. more…

Here's what you can expect Biden to say at tonight's State of the Union address

President Biden will give Americans a progress report on his four-part Unity Agenda, which he announced at last year's State of the Union address. more…

Read President Biden's State of the Union speech

Read President Biden's State of the Union speech delivered on Feb. 7, 2023, as prepared for delivery. more…

Headlines about layoffs don't mean you're going to lose your job
Business Insider

There is a disconnect: Hard data is relatively strong, but consumer sentiment is weaker. "The vibes feel off," said one economist. more…

The dollar's steepest slump in over a decade is stalling as the Fed stands ready to push ahead with interest-rate increases
Business Insider

Despite inflation cooling, a strong January jobs report suggests the Fed could stay hawkish for longer, which has provided some support to the dollar. more…

More beauty brands are ditching plastic packaging — and consumers are buying in
Business Insider

From annual sustainability reports to going "zero-waste," smaller beauty brands see the value in sustainable packaging. more…

I've been renting all my clothes for over a year. Here's what I love about it — and what everyone should know before trying it.
Business Insider

In 2021, I began an experiment: Could I give up shopping and rent all my clothes instead? I'm still renting today, but I've learned a lot since then. more…

Samsung unveils Galaxy S23 series with better performance, battery life, and cameras — here's how to preorder
Business Insider

Samsung's new Galaxy S23 series will be available on February 17. Here are all the details you should know about the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. more…

Jerome Powell mentioned 'disinflation' 15 times in his Fed Q&A this week. Here's how that could guide markets.
Business Insider

The Fed chair gave investors every reason to think interest rates could come down this year, even if he didn't explicitly say so. more…

Apple Watch SE (2022) review: A brilliant entry-level smartwatch that doesn't make many compromises
Business Insider

The second-gen Apple Watch SE comes with all smartwatch features you'd want, but it lacks an always-on display and some advanced health sensors. more…

Chewy Pet Insurance Review: Coverage and Rates
Business Insider

Read our Chewy pet insurance review to compare rates, coverage, and more to ensure your furry friend is covered. We help pet parents find affordable pet insurance with comprehensive coverage. more…

13 Best High-interest CDs and Savings Accounts Today: Earn Up to 4.50% APY on a 6-Month CD
Business Insider

The average 6-month CD pays 0.81% APY. Insider's list includes the best high-interest CDs and savings accounts today. more…

How GDPR Changed European Companies’ Tech Stacks
Harvard Business Review

As companies adapt their IT infrastructure to deal with new privacy regulations, they are coming up against a tradeoff between flexibility and efficiency. Highly integrated technologies facilitate the exchange and use of customer data. The problem is that the… more…

Canada's transportation regulator doesn't track 97% of air passenger claims - The Globe and Mail
The Globe And Mail

Canada's transportation regulator doesn't track 97% of air passenger claims  The Globe and MailView Full Coverage on Google News more…

Top 10 Node JS Development Companies

Node JS is a well-known technological trend in developing websites and mobile applications. It is helpful and practical for developing various web applications. As a result, every business owner is keen to use this technology to build their web & mobile appli… more…

Why High Interest Rates Aren’t Going Away—and What That Means for Your Money

For borrowers, the higher interest rate means paying even more on credit cards, student loans and other types of variable-rate debt. more…

China’s ultra-fast economic recovery
The Economist

The country’s reopening will boost global growth, perhaps uncomfortably more…

Alternative Search Engines: Why They Matter and How to Rank on Them

While Google still holds more than 80% of the market share, ignoring search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo can make you lose out on relevant traffic. So don’t limit yourself to Google’s algorithm as you plan the next year’s SEO strategy. more…

We reduced our iOS app launch time by 60%

Learn how DoorDash went about optimizing our customers' experience and making continuous improvements in app launch times more…

The South Park creators launched a “deep fakes for Hollywood” startup

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 20, 2022 — Deep Voodoo, the artificial intelligence entertainment startup formed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, announced today that it has secured a $20 million investment led by Connect Ventures, an investment partnership between l… more…

OpenStreetMap is in trouble – a critical take on Bing Map Builder

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. more…

Meta Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Results

Meta Platforms, Inc. (Nasdaq: META) today reported financial results for the quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022. "Our community continues to grow and I'm pleased with the strong engagement across our apps. Facebook just reached the milestone of 2 b… more…

Argentina has been trapped in neocolonial debt for 200 years

Argentina has long been trapped in external debt owed to foreign imperial powers, causing inflation and crisis: A history of the deuda. more…

The Coming AI Hackers

Comments more…

Intel’s Dunnington: Core 2 Goes Dun Dun Dun

After Conroe’s launch in 2006, Intel had an excellent core architecture (Merom). They smacked AMD around in the client space where single threaded performance was king. But in the server mark… more…

The first developer preview of Android 14

Today we're releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 14, and your feedback is a critical part of making Android better for everyone. more…

Five Ways To Make Your Startup Stand Out From The Competition

Making your business stand out in a crowded marketplace is key to its success. The basics are high-quality products and services, a smart pricing strategy, and effective marketing. The most successful entrepreneurs have a few extra tricks that separate their … more…

First Thing: Turkey and Syria earthquake death toll ‘could pass 20,000’
The Guardian

World Health Organization official warns that number killed could quadruple. Plus, efforts to save the pink river dolphinGood morning.Dozens of powerful aftershocks continued to jolt southern Turkey and northern Syria on Tuesday, a day after an earthquake str… more…

LexisNexis 'Virtual Crime Center' Makes Millions Selling to the Government
Vice News

Procurement records and documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests highlight LexisNexis' often overlooked business of selling data to the government. more…

B2B Search Marketing: 5 Key Ways Generative AI is Changing the Future of SEO from Google’s Bard to Microsoft’s Prometheus-Based Bing

How is ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot technology changing search engine optimization (SEO), and how will the major shifts being implemented by Google, Microsoft and others alter the business marketing landscape of the future? During my 39 years … more…

Who predicted Apple's Christmas quarter right & who was wrong?

Stock analysts get paid to have opinions — and they're not always great. Here's who was right about Apple's Christmas quarter — and who was wrong.Analyst predictions for AppleThe company reported $117.15 billion in revenue for its first quarter results of 202… more…

Apple barely missed earnings targets, so analysts are still bullish

Apple's earnings declined slightly year-over-year in a rare miss, and in the wake of the announcement, stock analysts are talking about why the company is just as strong as ever.iPhone 14 Pro supply issues dented Apple's revenue for the quarterApple's $117.15… more…

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Review: Premium Experience in an Affordable Package
Yanko Design

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Review: Premium Experience in an Affordable PackageWhile many people had cut the cord when it came to TV subscriptions, some have even completely cut out TVs from their living rooms. Of... more…

ChatGPT sets growth record, reportedly hitting 100 million users in January
Windows Central

OpenAI's ChatGPT could be the fastest growing consumer app ever. The AI chatbot reached 100 million users in January, according to a recent study. more…

ChatGPT may have a competitor from Google announced next week
Windows Central

Google will hold an event on February 8, 2023. It's suspected that the company will unveil AI integration with Google search at the event. more…

Oracle, Microsoft barely compete for a quarter of their US Federal contracts

Vendor lock-in: savings of up to $750m a year possible if Uncle Sam didn't predetermine the victor Oracle and Microsoft – two companies receiving most of the US government's off-the-shelf software spending over the last decade – get at least 25 percent and 30… more…

Yelp Details Removal Of Paid Review Groups & Lead Generators via @sejournal, @martinibuster
Search Engine Journal

Yelp releases report on how they removed lead generators and closed down paid review rings on social media sites in 2022 The post Yelp Details Removal Of Paid Review Groups & Lead Generators appeared first on Search Engine Journal. more…

Interview: OnePlus looks to the future, leans on its heritage, and does away with 'Pro' models
XDA Developers

OnePlus is changing things up with the OnePlus 11, a flagship-tier phone at a lower price — and without a Pro model. Team members tell us why. more…

Why physical media still matters in the streaming era
The A.V. Club

Gone are the days when you could find everything you wanted to watch on a single streaming service. With popular content now spread across multiple platforms, it’s more difficult than ever to find your favorite shows and movies. You can’t even be sure the tit… more…

UK Govt: 3.9 Million People Illegally Streamed Live Sports in 2022

The UK Intellectual Property Office has published the latest edition of its Online Copyright Infringement Tracker. Live sports piracy remains stubbornly high and with a 36% overall infringement rate, the situation is worse than it was in 2019. Relentless anti… more…

Washington launches a new Google battle — with an old playbook

Under Biden, the U.S. government is aggressively getting back into the antitrust game. But in global terms, it’s already a step behind. more…

Six Things That Are Getting More Expensive Even As Inflation Cools

From lettuce and beer to gas and Disney+, here's what's still getting more expensive. more…

Proposal to limit late and overdraft fees: How to avoid them in the 1st place
The Points Guy

In a bid to slash what he calls “junk fees,” President Joe Biden announced several initiatives this week to combat fees that he sees as costly and unfair to consumers. This includes working to limit late fees on credit card payments and is in addition to rema… more…

Microsoft: You get ads! You get ads! You get ads!

Microsoft is heavily focusing on ads now by pushing its different products and services to its customers. Aside from promoting its recently-launched Microsoft Store Ads, there are reports from different Microsoft customers saying they experienced pushy Micros… more…

White House Takes Aim at High Credit Card Late Fees, App Stores
Yahoo Entertainment

(Bloomberg) -- The Biden administration is moving to slash billions in credit card late fees and calling on Congress to open up mobile app stores to greater ... more…

FTC Is Preparing Potential Antitrust Case Against Amazon
Yahoo Entertainment

(Bloomberg) -- The US Federal Trade Commission is preparing a possible lawsuit against Amazon.com Inc. that could be filed as soon as this spring, according ... more…

Why Community Is The Last Great Marketing Strategy

Why Community Is The Last Great Marketing Strategy written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with Mark Schaefer In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mark Schaefer. Mark is a globally-recognized keyno… more…

Water ATMs were introduced in Ghana, changing the way people access this vital resource

Universal, safe and reliable water access is a pressing need in the global south. One-quarter of the world's population don't currently have access to clean drinking water. In Ghana, about 5 million people out of a total population of about 31 million lack ac… more…

FastestVPN review: A VPN with an affordable lifetime subscription

At a GlanceExpert's Rating Pros <ul><li>Extremely affordable lifetime plan</li><li>10 simultaneous connections</li><li>Free cloud storage and password manager included</li></ul> Cons <ul><li>Smaller feature set</li><li>No independent audit</li><li>Issues… more…

The Four Horsemen of the Tech Recession

Tech is increasingly divorced from the real economy thanks to the COVID hangover and Apple's App Tracking Transparency more…

AMAZON Reports Almost No Profit, Slowing Growth...

AMAZON Reports Almost No Profit, Slowing Growth... (Second column, 7th story, link) Related stories:FACEBOOK Soars by Most in Decade, Adding $100 Billion in Value! APPLE sales drop 5% in largest decline since '16... GOOGLE Ad Revenue F… more…

2 Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy in 2023 Besides Microsoft
Motley Fool

Microsoft is far and away the leader in cybersecurity, but are other stocks in the sector compelling at this juncture? more…

Apple Revenue Declines for the First Time Since 2019. Time to Sell?
Motley Fool

While this may be a short-term problem, Apple's stock has other issues. more…

Why Microsoft Is the Safest Big Tech Stock
Motley Fool

Its diversity and profitability are unmatched. more…

Why the Invesco QQQ ETF Gained 10.6% in January
Motley Fool

The ETF soared on a strong month for tech stocks. more…

A Bull Market Is Coming: 2 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Now and Hold Forever
Motley Fool

These growth stocks got hammered by economic headwinds, but the future still looks bright for both businesses. more…

There's a Lot to Like About Disney, But There's No Easy Fix for This Problem
Motley Fool

Disney has made a huge change at the top, which is probably a good call, but there's one big problem that won't be easily solved. more…

Investing in ChatGPT's AI Revolution: Where to Begin
Motley Fool

Don't miss out on investing in the next era of AI. The best names might not be who you think. more…

An Investment of Just $1,000 in Any of These 3 Stocks Could've Made You a Millionaire
Motley Fool

Here are a few examples of how long-term investing can change your life. more…

Mobileye Was Intel's Star Segment in 2022, but Is Mobileye Stock a Buy?
Motley Fool

Mobileye is growing fast, but there could be potholes ahead for the auto market in 2023. more…

1 Warren Buffett Stock to Buy Hand Over Fist in 2023
Motley Fool

Over the last five years, this Warren Buffett stock has risen over 240%. And it will likely continue soaring over the next five years. more…

2 Stocks With Multi-Bagger Potential to Buy in 2023
Motley Fool

Upstart and Shopify still hold significant long-term potential that shouldn't be ignored. more…

3 Clues That Premium Streaming Has Finally Peaked
Motley Fool

The focus has turned away from subscriber growth and toward profits, and that's a much bigger challenge. more…

3 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist in February
Motley Fool

Three plain-as-day bargains are hiding in plain sight among Berkshire Hathaway's roughly four dozen holdings. more…

Nasdaq Bear Market: 2 Growth Stocks Down 74% and 95% to Buy in 2023
Motley Fool

These beaten-down growth stocks could rebound sharply when the economy stabilizes. more…

Altria Group (MO) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
Motley Fool

MO earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2022. more…

2 Monster Stocks to Buy In 2023 and Hold Forever
Motley Fool

It's not hard to find wonderful companies to invest in right now. more…

Why Amazon, Costco, and Rent the Runway Are No-Brainer Buys Right Now
Motley Fool

These three stocks could outperform the market this year. more…

2 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist and 1 to Avoid
Motley Fool

Two of these stocks are no-brainer buys, while one should be avoided for now. more…

Is a New Bull Market Coming? Here's a Better Question to Ask
Motley Fool

With stocks off to a good start this year, many investors are wondering if 2023 may actually turn into a good year for the market. more…

2 Stocks Down 10% to 40% to Buy In 2023 and Hold for at Least Five Years
Motley Fool

Long-term investors can seize plenty of bargain buys right now. more…

2 Explosive Growth Stocks to Buy in 2023
Motley Fool

Growth stocks aren't thrilling investors like they did in 2020, but hope may be on the horizon. more…

2 Stocks That Could Soar 38% to 42% In 2023, According to Wall Street
Motley Fool

These growth stocks boast strong businesses that could prime shares for a robust recovery. more…

1 Stock You Can't Miss at Today's Prices
Motley Fool

Investors should stock up on this high-yielding dividend stock before its price soars. more…

Align Technology Shareholders Are All Smiles Now
Motley Fool

But should they be? more…

Why FAANG Stocks Made Big Moves Friday
Motley Fool

Investors learned a lot about how these huge companies have fared in recent months. more…

2 Reasons to Buy the Dip on Amazon Stock in 2023
Motley Fool

Amazon is reeling after earnings, but investors should focus on the long term. more…

Why Meta and Align Are Sending the Nasdaq Soaring Thursday
Motley Fool

Markets looked poised to keep their upward momentum after the Fed's latest decision. more…

Apple (AAPL) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript
Motley Fool

AAPL earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2022. more…

Could Big Tech Drive ESPN Out of Business?
Motley Fool

The worldwide leader in sports has some deep-pocketed competition. more…

1 Unstoppable Business This Billionaire Investor Is Bullish On In 2023 and Beyond
Motley Fool

It might be a good idea for individual investors to follow the greats. more…

Is This Red-Hot Growth Stock a Buy for Investors?
Motley Fool

Alternative payments will only grow in prevalence, and this company should be a huge beneficiary. more…

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Now for a Lifetime of Passive Income
Motley Fool

These highly reliable healthcare stocks offer investors above-average dividend yields right now. more…

This Trillion-Dollar Growth Stock Just Beat Microsoft and Amazon in 1 Key Area
Motley Fool

Here's why Alphabet stock might be a buy right now. more…

5 Stocks That Moved the Market in January
Motley Fool

These stocks illustrate the most important trends in the stock market right now. more…

Sunday Exchange: Jumbo's Pierre Valade on Privacy
Motley Fool

Privacy is an innately precious and increasingly rare thing. In an era where much of the world lives online, sharing their photos, identification... more…

Align Technology (ALGN) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
Motley Fool

ALGN earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2022. more…

GoPro (GPRO) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
Motley Fool

GPRO earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2022. more…

1 Stock-Split Stock That's a Surefire February Buy and 1 to Avoid Like the Plague
Motley Fool

One dominant stock-split stock is cheaper than it's ever been, while another widely held stock that split last year is sending all the wrong signals. more…

3 Top Gaming Stocks to Buy in February
Motley Fool

These gaming giants are excellent investments for the long term. more…


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