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The 14 best Presidents' Day sales at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others to shop this weekend
Yahoo Entertainment

Presidents' Day sales are usually more focused on appliances, mattresses and home goods than consumer tech, and that's the case again in 2024. That said, if you're looking for a new gadget, we've managed to pick out a few tech deals that are actually worth co… more…

TikTok’s native app arrives for the Vision Pro
The Verge

Apple’s Vision Pro headset now has a native TikTok app. It can be used to watch vertical videos, browse comments and profile pages, and search for videos. more…

TV presenter's rail rant leads to apology
BBC News

"Money Saving Expert" Martin Lewis complained about East Midlands Railway's crammed carriages. more…

Maker of Tinder, Hinge sued over 'addictive' dating apps that put profits over love

Match Group was sued on Wednesday for violating consumer protection laws for allegedly addicting dating app users through "predatory" practices that mislead people searching for romantic partners. more…

The operator of Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid is being sued over claims it made them addictive and puts profit over love
Business Insider

Six plaintiffs are suing Match Group, the operator of dating apps Tinder, OkCupid and Hinger, saying it made them addictive and is focused on profits. more…

3 signs the economy is thriving — and 3 red flags to monitor
Business Insider

Some economists think the US is well on its way to achieving a "soft landing" and avoid a recession, though not everyone agrees. more…

How flying taxis could go mainstream
Business Insider

Flying taxis could even replace short-haul flights, but certification and new digital infrastructure must happen first. more…

58 Black investors changing the venture capital industry with firms that fund diverse startup founders
Business Insider


iPhone 16: what’s special about it and why it’s worth the wait

Apple users have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new phone — the iPhone 16, with bated breath, despite […] The post iPhone 16: what’s special about it and why it’s worth the wait appeared first on ReadWrite. more…

Capital One to Buy Discover for $35 Billion in Deal Combining Major U.S. Credit Card Companies

The deal marries two of the largest credit card companies that aren't banks first, like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, with the notable exception of American Express. more…

Walmart to acquire smart TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion
ABC News

Walmart is buying the smart TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion as it attempts to expand its rapidly growing advertising business to compete with Amazon more…

What a possible Capital One and Discover merger means for consumers
ABC News

The deal may hold long-term implications for customers across the industry. more…

Look out, Sonos. The Wiim Amp is your favorite speakers’ new best friend
Digital Trends

The Wiim Amp is compact, stylish, easy to use, and ridiculously full-featured. For all your audio needs, just add speakers. more…

JSR first impressions: a JavaScript package manager by the Deno team

JSR is a new package repository being introduced by the team at Deno that aims to solve many problems in the Javascript eco-system. I was invited to take part in very early access to it and want to share my impressions. more…

Diseconomies of scale in fraud, spam, support, and moderation

Comments more…

The life and death of Google's VR/AR projects
Android Police

Google has been innovating in augmented reality and virtual reality for much longer than Apple more…

Wells Fargo stock rises as Feds lift consent order for its fake-account scandal

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) terminated a consent order issued in 2016 regarding sales-practices misconduct more…

The ‘biggest question’ about the Capital One-Discover deal? It revolves around fees you probably never see.

Two credit-card giants are combining. Here’s how the $35 billion deal could potentially impact consumers. more…

A credit card from a small bank could save you $500 a year, CFPB says. But is it right for you?

Cards with lower APRs have different features than cards with higher APRs, experts told MarketWatch more…

‘She was very special to me’: My late 98-year-old cousin was targeted by grifters. They stole $800,000. Do I have any recourse?

“I often went over her checkbook and bills to make sure there were no overcharges or unusual amounts taken out.” more…

The Dow is due for a change. These sectors may be affected.

The keepers of the Dow Jones Industrial Average will have to make at least one change to the venerable index next week, and there’s a very good chance they’ll make a couple of others, as well. more…

Goldman Sachs lifts S&P 500 target to 5,200, says Big Tech must do the heavy lifting

Citing expectations for stronger economic growth and profits for Big Tech, Goldman joins some of Wall Street’s biggest bulls with an S&P 500 forecast of 5,200. more…

Defining the Pro in Apple Vision Pro: Who is Apple's target professional?

The Apple Vision Pro is an excellent media consumption tool. Still, in our experience and after talking to enterprise, the US federal government, and tradespeople, it's not close to where it needs to be for wide adoption in business.Apple Vision Pro for busin… more…

Best Credit Cards for February 2024 - CNET

These are the best credit cards for earning rewards, paying off debt, building your credit history and more. more…

Microsoft's Azure 'leads the pack' as the top managed AI service in the cloud among cloud service providers, says a study published by WIZ
Windows Central

WIZ is a leading cloud security provider and performed a study to gauge how organizations are adopting managed AI services in the cloud. Azure came out as the top option by companies around the world. more…

'Scandal-plagued' data broker tracked visits to '600 Planned Parenthood locations'

Anti-abortion group said to have used that monitoring to push ad campaign A pro-life group was able to specifically target visitors to nearly 600 Planned Parenthood facilities in 48 states in America with anti-abortion ads using location data from a broker ca… more…

A visa to fill Australia's empty tech jobs is getting more expensive, but maybe better value

Application process gets a massive overhaul For decades, Australia has failed to train enough IT pros to satisfy local employers' needs. The nation's solution to the shortfall has involved issuing visas to skilled workers from offshore, under a process that's… more…

FTC asks normal folks if they'd like AI impersonation scam protection, too

Fakers face the wrath of Khan The FTC is moving to make not only the fraudulent AI impersonation of government and business folk illegal but is also now asking the American public if they'd like some protection too. … more…

Transcript: Bill Dudley, NY Fed Chief

   The transcript from this week’s, MiB: Bill Dudley, NY Fed Chief, is below. You can stream and download our full conversation, including any podcast extras, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Bloomberg. All of our earlier podcasts on your favorite po… more…

How Can You Begin To Rank In New Markets (Local, National, International) via @sejournal, @rollerblader
Search Engine Journal

Explore strategies for local, national, and international markets, optimizing Google Business Profiles and Schema to expand your online presence effectively. The post How Can You Begin To Rank In New Markets (Local, National, International) appeared first on … more…

Verizon and other US carriers want you to ditch your grandfathered plan — should you?
Android Authority

Is your grandfathered phone plan still worth it now US carriers are increasing the price tag? We explore options from all three carriers. more…

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising
Small Business Trends

When it comes to the difference between marketing and advertising advertising, there are a lot of blurred lines differentiating one from the other. But they are different, of course. Here's a look at the difference between marketing and advertising. more…

What is Inflation?
Small Business Trends

The term inflation has been hitting the headlines more and more recently. But what is inflation, and what causes it? more…

Connect With Like Minded Entrepreneurs at MIAMI’S SMALL BUSINESS EXPO
Small Business Trends

Connect with like minded entrepreneurs at MIAMI'S SMALL BUSINESS EXPO as well as learn from leading experts so you can grow your business. more…

What Is Influencer Marketing for Small Business? Key Benefits
Small Business Trends

We answer the question, "What is influencer marketing?" as well as what an influencer is and how being one can set your brand apart from the rest. more…

What is Cyber Insurance and Does Your Small Business Need It?
Small Business Trends

What is cyber insurance and does your small business need it? If you have a digital presence the answer could be yes, find out if you need it. more…

What is Content Marketing?
Small Business Trends

If you've ever wondered, "What is content marketing", then check out this primer on content marketing and the ways it can benefit your small business. more…

What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Work?
Small Business Trends

If you want a solid explanation of what is cryptocurrency and how does it work, here is everything you need to know before you buy your first coin. more…

How to Sell Digital Products
Small Business Trends

From books to courses and printable templates, here is how to sell digital products online as a full-time business or something to do as a side hustle. more…

What is Black Friday and How Does It Impact Your Small Business?
Small Business Trends

What is Black Friday? Here's an overview of the basics as well as some marketing tips to get more visitors to your retail outlets. more…

Pirate Site Blocking Boosts Legal Consumption, Research Finds

A new study has found that pirate site blocking in Brazil and India boosted legal consumption. The non-peer-reviewed research confirms previously published findings that were limited to the UK. The effects on unblocked pirate sites are mixed, however, and whe… more…

The average U.S. subscriber now spends nearly $1,000 a year on streaming — dismal state of subscriptions landscape laid bare in new survey

A new report says the average U.S. streaming customer spends nearly $1,000 a year on subscriptions. more…

‘Free market capitalism as America First’: Inside Barr’s pitch to lead House Financial Services Republicans

The Kentucky Republican wants to use the committee to bond two at-odds factions of the GOP. more…

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Streaming Services, Reviewed and Compared
Rolling Stone

We've found the latest deals and free trial offers from Sling TV, Max, Hulu, Disney+ and more, to get you free online streaming from home. more…

Bridging the opportunity gap in social sector AI

Over the last decade, AI has reshaped the commercial sector and consumer habits—think recommender systems for online shopping or streaming services. While many businesses have jumped headfirst into artificial intelligence, it's unclear how the social and educ… more…

GPT is not a thing to trademark, the Feds tell OpenAI
Quartz India

Ever since OpenAI debuted its ChatGPT chatbot in November 2022, effectively piquing the world’s interest in the technology and setting off an AI arms race, the company has been trying to prevent other businesses from using the acronym “GPT.” This month, the U… more…

Circuit Breakers
The New York Review of Books

Judges reveal themselves in footnotes. They use citations as signals and shout-outs, displaying their predilections and alliances. When Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer served on the Supreme Court, they would occasionally invoke judicial decisions in other … more…

It is time for a new Africa beyond borders and boundaries
Al Jazeera English

Continental integration must be the primary agenda of this year's African Union Summit in Addis Ababa. more…

NordLocker review: Obsessively secure, easily affordable online storage

At a glanceExpert's Rating Pros <ul><li>Hyper focused on security</li><li>Easily navigable interface</li><li>Super affordable yearly plans</li><li>Encrypts data locally if you wish</li></ul> Cons <ul><li>Currently no versioning, undo, or trash to protect… more…

It’s time to upgrade OneDrive’s paid storage, Microsoft

It’s been literally a decade since Microsoft raised the cap on its paid Microsoft 365 storage plans to 1 terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage. It’s time for an upgrade, don’t you think? Last week, Google changed its name of its Bard AI assistant to Gemini,… more…

TorGuard VPN review: Flexible plans and solid security features

At a GlanceExpert's Rating Pros <ul><li>Good server spread</li><li>P2P and SOCKS5 support for torrenting</li><li>Customizable subscription plans</li></ul> Cons <ul><li>Few extra features</li><li>Complicated pricing structure</li><li>No independent audits… more…

How to keep your home network secure: Smart tricks and settings

Network security is not just for IT professionals. Even home users need to keep their networks secure to prevent unauthorized people from, for example, hogging their broadband, installing malware that turns connected devices into robots in botnets, and spying… more…

Top M&A trends in 2024: Blueprint for success in the next wave of deals

Will 2024 launch a bright new era for M&A? Anticipating what could be an inflection point, many dealmakers are preparing for a surge—and new market requirements—in the year ahead. more…

Jasmine Marie Is the CEO of Helping Black Girls Breathe Easier

There are so many aspects of health that disproportionately affect the Black community, and yet less than six percent of US doctors are Black - a deficit that only further harms public health. Many of the Black folks who work in healthcare have dedicated thei… more…

Social Innovation: The Key To Delivering Value, Growth

Rather than continually striving for technological advances, brands should shift their focus toward how their products and services can enhance the social relationships of consumers. Despite a long history of using social engineering to drive efficiency, prod… more…

Brand Strategy: Evolving A Heritage Brand

In 2003, McDonald’s was, as BusinessWeek stated, “In Hamburger Hell.” McDonald’s subsequent turnaround had many facets. One of McDonald’s critical strategies was modernizing the brand-business without jeopardizing its heritage. In other words, McDonald’s aime… more…

How OpenAI’s new text-to-video tool, Sora, could harm journalism and society

The artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI unveiled a stunningly realistic text-to-video tool on Thursday. It’s difficult to understate the reaction from AI enthusiasts, researchers and journalists. A few representative headlines: […] The post H… more…

One of Japan's largest tech companies just launched its own cloud storage service — its main appeal is not its free 10GB storage but its unlimited transfer service

Rakuten Drive also lets users view and edit documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft 365 more…

ICYMI: the week's 7 biggest tech stories, from Samsung Galaxy S24 glitches to mind-blowing AI-generated video

Our biggest tech stories from the past week, including OpenAI updates, Galaxy S24 display issues, and Fantastic Four reveals. more…

Why You Don't Need Passion To Succeed

The consumer doesn’t care about your (or my) passions in the private sector. more…

Survey: On Average Subscribers Pay $924 A Year With Streaming Video

A recent survey on streaming video reeals the attitudes and behavior of consumers toward price increases, ad supported tiers and bundling among other topics. more…

Making Sense Of Retail’s Conflicting January Results

Conflicting retail sales numbers, Gen X gets skipped over again, and The Body Shop loses the thread on consumer appeal. more…

Shipping Costs Hit 15-Month High Amid Safer Sea Routes

Shipping costs have surged to a 15-month high as vessels continue to take the lengthier route around the Cape of Good Hope, bypassing the Houthi-controlled Red Sea. more…

Why Fintech In The Nordics Takes Some Finding

Despite the international renown and impact of Klarna, Fintech was not one of the hot topics of conversation at the GoWest Nordic Venture Capital Forum recently. more…

4 Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Google's Evolution

Google’s rapid evolution illustrates that striking a balance between innovation, user experience, and transparency is crucial for long-term business success. more…

Finding Growth In A Luxury Market Facing Turbulence And Uncertainty

A look back at the trajectory of the personal luxury goods market with results of a new survey among luxury goods executives providing insights to propel growth. more…

How To Use Competitor Insights To Level Up Your B2B Marketing In 2024

The goal is simple: Use competitor insights to recognize your brand's current standing and strategize its evolution. more…

AI's Inclusive Touch: Transforming Customer Service For Individuals With Disabilities

Achieving accessibility is a significant challenge, yet one of the most impactful areas for a business to make a tangible difference is in customer service. more…

How Two Female-Founded Tampon Companies Use Collaboration Over Competition To Scale Their Brands

This Under 30 newsletter covers the benefits of collaborating with your competitors, Kai Cunningham's take on why founders and celebrities should partner, and more. more…

Navigating VAT In The Creator Economy

The rapid growth of the creator economy has prompted tax administrations to pay closer attention to activities within this space. more…

Mastering The Art Of Personalization In Service-Based Businesses

Personalization has become a cornerstone of customer satisfaction as businesses continue growing online and utilizing AI to perform various tasks and processes. more…

The Best 32-Inch TVs That Bring Smaller Rooms To Life

The best 32-inch TVs impress with vibrant colors, clear pictures and smart connectivity. Our top picks include Samsung, Vizio and more. more…

Why Well-Designed Marketing Funnels Are More Important Than Ever For B2C Brands

Gone are the traditional marketing funnels of yesterday that ended with purchases. It’s now the era of customer brand advocacy. more…

The Best TV Antennas To Watch Your Local HD Channels

The best TV antennas bring your local channels to your screen at an affordable price. Here are our top recommendations. more…

Navigating Trucking Recruitment Challenges Amid Economic Fluctuations

I would like to investigate the factors influencing the trucking industry and discuss some strategies that can help you build a resilient and future-ready workforce. more…

Banks Need To Get On The Buy Now, Pay Later Bandwagon

Buy now, pay later popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years, and it isn't go to slow down. It’s time for banks—and all BNPL detractors—to get with the program. more…

When Beauty Becomes A Bad Word —It Stifles Innovation And Tech Startups

The lack of support for startups in the beauty industry demonstrates how it has not fully capitalized on the opportunities that biotech and tech bring to the industry. more…

This Week In Credit Card News: Issuers Track California Gun Purchases

What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries more…

Forget The New MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Much Better

Apple is preparing to improve the MacBook Pro specs to match the Windows-powered competition, but it may take some time. more…

CookUnity’s Mateo Marietti Talks Making Good Food Accessible, More In Interview

CookUnity, which features meals from such celebrity chefs as Esther Choi and Iron Chef Jose Garces, provides readymade food delivered weekly, based on a person’s diet... more…

Elon Musk Says Neuralink’s First Brain Chip Patient Can Control Computer Mouse By Thought

Neuralink, Musk’s brain interface company that hopes to merge humans with computers, began the first human trial of its technology in January with a view to restoring lost functions like movement and communication to people with paralysis. more…

Blockchain Technology: Harnessing It For Business And Social Good

There are many ways a secure, transparent, tamper-resistant record could be leveraged both to ensure ethical business practices and support humanitarian efforts. more…

Five Keys To The Success Of Black-Owned Businesses

America’s 3.12 million Black-owned businesses generate $206 billion in annual revenue and support 3.56 million U.S. jobs. more…

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Said He Will Retire In 2029. Here’s Who Could Replace Him

Rob Manfred said this week that this will be his final term as commissioner of Major League Baseball when it expires in 2029. Here's who could replace him. more…

Delta Air Lines Maggots, Mummified Monkeys—More Weird Stuff On Planes

A Delta Air Lines flight returned to Amsterdam after maggots fell on passengers from rotten fish in the overhead bin. Another Delta passenger smuggled mummified monkeys. more…

10 Lessons I’ve Learned From 10 Years Of Self-Employment

The past decade of self-employment has taught me 10 valuable lessons about the realities of going from full-time corporate employee to self-employed business owner. more…

What Corporations Need to Know About Public Health
Project Syndicate

If companies getting involved in the public-health domain hope to make a difference, they must have a deep understanding of health systems, including the institutions, organizations, and resources that comprise them. And they must use that understanding to de… more…

Can Marwan Barghouti Be the Palestinian Nelson Mandela?
Project Syndicate

A well-known and widely respected Palestinian leader might soon be released from an Israeli prison as part of a ceasefire deal with Hamas. A look at his record – including the leadership he has shown from behind bars – suggests that he could well be the key t… more…

Tim O'Reilly on AI development, regulation, copyright lawsuits, and more
Project Syndicate

This week in Say More, PS talks with Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc., is Visiting Professor of Practice at the University College London Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose and the author of WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s U… more…

Despite Price Transparency Laws, Americans Are Nowhere Near Able To Shop For Care. How Can This Change?
MedCity News

Most hospitals and payers have publicly posted their pricing information, but experts think that data will remain mostly useless for consumers for at least another five years. Now that the data is available, healthcare software companies must step in and buil… more…

Game devs commiserate with the Helldivers 2 team by sharing their own server launch horror stories: 'You can only attempt to prepare for scale'
PC Gamer

"I cannot think of a single piece of infrastructure that didn't have issues." more…

90-day certificates to drive spike in outages unless businesses act now

Last year, the Chromium Project -- a Google-backed open source browser project -- released its roadmap for building a safer, faster, and more stable Internet, containing recommendations to reduce the lifespan of Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates fro… more…

Unlock 250,000 Points In Value: The Game-Changing Marriott Business Card Offer

The Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card has a new limited time offer to earn five Free Night Awards after you use your new Card to make $8,000 in eligible purchases within the first 6 months of cardmembership. Since each certificate can be used f… more…

80% of influencers don't properly disclose advertising

According to a new study from the European Commission, most social media influencers don't adequately disclose whether their content is paid advertising. The analysis provides a concerning snapshot of the social media landscape as the European Union prepares … more…

What does the Capital One-Discover deal mean for you?
Los Angeles Times

A proposed merger between Capital One and Discover raises antitrust concerns and questions about how it will affect customers. Here's what we know. more…

What is a Cloud-Native Database? Everything You Need to Know

A cloud-native database isn’t just a database that happens to be sitting in the cloud; it’s built from the ground up to harness the full potential of cloud computing. Unlike traditional databases only adapted to operate in the cloud, cloud-native databases ar… more…

Balancing “super app” ambitions with privacy
Help Net Security

When Elon Musk’s ambitions to transform X into an “everything app” were divulged last year, he joined several companies known to be exploring or actively working on developing super apps, suggesting there’s clearly a niche to be filled. In fact, since the era… more…

Is the Good Economy a Mirage?
New York Magazine

You may be feeling better about the economy, but that might not last much longer if inflation doesn’t fall further. more…

Meta And Apple Battle It Out; Nielsen Holds Its Ground Against Competition

Here’s today’s AdExchanger.com news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. AdExchanger is taking the day off for Presidents Day. Our daily news roundup will return on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Meta Vs. Apple The tension between Meta and Apple just keeps growing. T… more…

Walmart Buys Smart TV Manufacturer Vizio, A Valuable Ads Data Asset

Walmart buys smart TV maker Vizio to boost its ads business with streaming inventory, viewership data and, of course, shoppable TV ads. The post Walmart Buys Smart TV Manufacturer Vizio, A Valuable Ads Data Asset appeared first on AdExchanger. more…


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