Countries with most attractive valuations (and momentum)

# Country PE P/S 26w RS P α
1 Brazil 5.99 0.60 -1.1983 0.74
2 Singapore 13.82 2.71 0.6568 0.64
3 Germany 15.66 3.12 1.5992 0.57
4 Australia 17.15 3.38 0.3668 0.57
5 Mexico 15.13 0.59 -0.1074 0.54
6 Russian Federation 11.20 0.70 7.1016 0.53
7 Sweden 20.74 1.71 2.4787 0.53
8 Switzerland 13.79 3.20 1.3590 0.51
9 United Kingdom 14.31 2.24 0.1721 0.51
10 France 17.07 1.25 1.1957 0.50


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