Market risk



USA, Canada and Western Europe

Emerging Markets

Long/Short danger

ICSA danger

Housing danger

Investors' Anxiety

The market risk values range from 0 to 1. 0 Means that it is (almost) certain that the market will move up, 1 represents that the market will (soon) go down. When the TBOM indicator is at 0.5 or above 0.5 you have to be very cautious and it may be smart to move out of stocks (or to protect your portfolio) to avoid getting hit by a market correction, bear market or approaching recession.

TBOM danger 0.507
Long/Short danger 0.454
ICSA danger (2018-12-08) 0.388
Housing danger (2018-10-01) 0.000
USA, Canada and Western Europe 0.800
Asia/Pacific-Region 0.750
Emerging markets 0.740
S&P (BCI danger) 0.364
Investors' Anxiety 0.445
BC Sector Risk 0.640