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How Drax Project turned one lost wallet into 57m streams
BBC News

Four former buskers reveal the inspiration for their breakout pop hit. more…

Should I buy the Ring Door View camera for my apartment?

Best answer: Yes, the Ring Door View camera is an ideal investment for your apartment because it replaces the conventional peep-hole with no damage. Plus, it gives you the benefit of an HD door camera that adds security and convenience to any home. Door cam: … more…

'Alexa, what ETF should I buy?' Asset managers like BlackRock and Invesco are testing out voice assistants — but it's too early to tell if customers will actually use them
Business Insider

Asset managers' websites are difficult to navigate. Soon institutional and retail investors could ask questions and access their portfolios via voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Some of the largest fund managers, including BlackRock, Invesco, JPMorgan, St… more…

Firms that shunned ETFs are embracing a new kind of fund, which could help them stem the hundreds of billions they're losing each year
Business Insider

In May, the SEC gave the green light to a new kind of exchange-traded fund. Unlike traditional ETFs, the so-called "non-transparent active ETF" is managed much like a mutual fund instead of being tied to an index like the S&P 500, and the portfolio manager do… more…

The booming private market has some hedge funds spreading into private equity's domain. Now a tug-of-war has broken out over talent.
Business Insider

Hedge funds and private equity firms are no longer staying in their lanes and are increasingly jumping between public and private markets. The convergence of hedge funds and private equity has led to fight for talent as both sides try to pitch prospective emp… more…

$7 billion hedge fund WorldQuant hosted a competition for women quants. Now it's hiring 50 of the contestants as research consultants.
Business Insider

Hedge funds have a demonstrated problem hiring women to join their investment teams, leading to a large disparity between men and women in key roles. Giant hedge fund WorldQuant inaugurated its Women Who Quant competition this year in collaboration with advoc… more…

Dispensed: The inside story of uBiome, a visit to the largest health system in New York, and what it's like to take a 'biotech for dummies' course
Business Insider

Hello, Welcome to this week's edition of Dispensed, our weekly healthcare newsletter here at Business Insider, where we're recovering from sugar rushes induced by a company-wide summer party last night. If you're following along with what's happening on the h… more…

Why we’ll see more startups built on platforms like Slack

A year or two ago, the opportunity to build on top of a third party company’s code and customer base was nascent. Now it's growing. more…

9 research-based strategies to maximize your profits
The Next Web

What do Alan Scott, the inventor of Botox, Snuggie-creator Scott Boilen and Alexander Graham Bell have in common? Two things: They are/were all successful businessmen They didn’t particularly care for the product they sold* There’s a persistent myth that in o… more…

3 things to watch when you're buying stocks for the long term
USA Today

Careers have been made and lost on one big stock market timing call. Remaining invested is a much better long-term strategy. more…

Black Hills yaks, serious senioritis on campus, Pony Express: News from around our 50 states
USA Today

Tennessee man’s talk with tiny son an instant classic, White House fence about to get a lot taller in D.C., and more more…

Books to Understand Economics

If you're looking to grow your financial knowledge, then you need our list of the best economics books of all time. This list may change your life. more…

What Investors Need To Know About The 'Three Waves' Of Opportunity Zones

There is a reason we can experience both the promise of OZs along with skepticism about their impact. This is because the OZ lifecycle consists of three distinct "waves." more…

On CRM: Pipedrive's LeadBooster Is The Reason Why We Don't Have To Worry About AI

All of this will save time and make your staff more productive - and all of this will be done on someone else's dime, so don’t worry about spending any money here more…

Outside the Box: Think 3% is small potatoes? It can eat your life savings

What might seem like pennies a year is actually a huge drag on performance. more…

Market Extra: Here’s who keeps investors abreast of the opaque leveraged loan market and possible systemic risk

Covenant Review is tracking the steady deterioration of investor protections in loan documents amid increased scrutiny among regulators. more…

Peter Morici: The next time the economy tanks, the Fed should give people, not banks, free money

The Federal Reserve is reviewing its strategies and tools. more…

How To Avoid Another Atrocious Boss

We've all had at least one horrific boss. However, if you are repeatedly working for miscreant managers, stop blaming your bosses and start refining your bad boss radar. more…

How The Corporate Wellness Market Has Exploded: Meet The Latest Innovators In The Space

Corporate Wellness has exploded in recent years. Meet 4 innovators who are helping improve employee wellbeing, both physical and mental. more…

Why I Moved From San Francisco To Europe To Invest In Tech

With strong technical talent, regulations to encourage startups and a robust venture ecosystem, Europe is poised for accelerating growth in tech. Exits are on the rise, and Europe has become a world leader in areas like fintech and deep tech. more…


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